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Presentation Topics

Presentation Topics

Dr. James Melton’s thought-provoking keynote and master class sessions  move people to action to enhance skills in leadership, decision making,  sales and service, goal achievement as well as personal and professional  communication. Using leadership as a springboard for broad-sweeping  change, he targets his message specifically to his audience with  insights and tools that can be 

applied immediately. 

As a speaker and innovator, 

Jim will bring new life and connection to your next event. Contact him and he will design a presentation that fits the specific needs of your people and lead them to action!



Who designates an individual as a leader? How does one enter the  upper echelon of the revered rank of leadership? Do all leaders have the  innate ability to inspire confidence and create an atmosphere conducive  to trust, and agreement?
This inspiring presentation offers powerful instruction through lecture, dialogue, self-review, and experiential activities,  it will become clear why leadership is not so much the exercise of power  as it is the 

empowerment of people.


Presentation Topics

Presentation Topics

Presentation Topics


Decisiveness is one of the most powerful tools available to leaders in any field. Looking behind the scenes to see how great decision-makers function is essential. Understanding the decision-making process is the leaders most important bit of knowledge. Decision making is 

the ultimate task.


This presentation will identify techniques to enhance client  relationships, provide First Class Service, and increase your closing  ratio. The personal side of sales and service is explored. Methods are  presented to refine communication and enhance personal confidence.  “Hands-on” activities can be scheduled to gain experience in  relationship selling, negotiating and closing the sale.

  • Develop client locality.
  • Negotiate for win-win results.
  • Read silent signals that tell all.


Presentation Topics


The most important ingredient to command leadership and the respect of  your peers is the ability to convey your ideas in an intelligent,  clear, concise fashion. This program is designed for the busy  professional who is ready for a no-nonsense approach to enhancing the  teaching and learning experience. Based on extensive research, these techniques are offered in a practical,  

ready-to-use format.

  • Deliver your ideas with impact and authority.
  • Identify barriers to communication. 
  • Provide methods to encourage agreement.



 An eight-step action plan to establish and achieve effective purpose, balance and direction in business and personal life.This focused, dedicated and disciplined process provides immediate and practical help to guide anyone toward higher levels of accomplishment. Methods are presented to overcome resistance to change.

  • Accomplishment aligned with vision and values.
  • Implement a plan of action to insure success.
  • Adopt behavior that turns procrastination into action.

preview video clips

7 minute video clip: "Ask for what you want!"

1 minute video clip: " How to read a person like a book"

15 minute preview video to English-French audience

14 minute video clip: "Communication and Relationships"

7 minute video clip: "Concerned Listening"

7 minute preview video: "The Future & Communication"