“I first attended a customized ‘James Melton’ seminar approximately 25 years ago when I was VP of Sales for Clarins. To say that all came away inspired and stimulated would be an understatement. Since that first meeting and presentation, Jim has probably done 6 - 8 more for various companies that I have worked for and had the privilege to attend, including most recently in Macau, SAR, China at Wynn Macau. Even with the language difference, Jim continues to inspire. He is always “current” and is a personal inspiration to me.”

—Linda Switzer

Vice President of Retail

Wynn Hotel, Macau, China

“As you already know, your leadership presentation to our Global Mission Excellence team had a positive impact. The points you made were not only relevant, but delivered in a way that made them fun and memorable. Many of the attendees have personally shared their gratitude and continue to apply your useful tools and techniques. With that in mind, let’s talk about the possibility of a re-visit, maybe sometime later this year. As our team continues to build on leadership, maybe we can also explore the concept of a presentation that addresses our future in space!”

—Patrick Nutcher

Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems

Program Quality Engineer James Web Space Telescope

“I’m glad to hear that things are going well on your end and am not surprised that you are hearing from attendees with regard to your speech and book. It was absolutely fantastic having you as part of the program and the positive response has been great (but not at all surprising).”

“I couldn’t have been more pleased when I saw that long line of people waiting to meet you and have you sign their books. I had such confidence that would be the case, but even so, it’s still so gratifying to see all that planning lead to something that makes such an impression on the audience. It was, as it has been, an absolute joy to work with you leading up to the event.”

—Michael J. Dzick, CQIA, CMQ/OE

ASQ Conference Manager

“…we would like to thank you for venturing out into cyber space with us as we offered your session LIVE via our website… On behalf of the attendees, I commend you for your commitment to teaching and learning…”

—Mary Jo Bugeme, CEBS, Director, Educational Programs

International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans

“I have known James Melton for over 20 years. Jim is a person of the highest character and integrity. As a Captain in the United States Air Force auxiliary, his expertise in aerospace led him to be a presenter at the United States Air Force National Staff College at Maxwell Air Force Base in Alabama. I recommend him without reservation.”

—Patricia Faunt

LtCol USAF/Aux, Ret.

“Jim, we have known each other now for over 40 years...and the bond of our relationship continues. Being the seasoned speaker that you are, and having the track record and credentials to back them up, your words of wisdom continue to be of value to all who are privileged to experience the insights you present. Whether speaking on leadership or the future of our world, I am confident that your direction will continue to be highly regarded and well received. It’s people like you who make our world a better place to live.”

—B/General Steve Ritchie, USAF

Ret. Air Force Pilot, America's Last ACE