BOOK ~ Red Planet Leadership

An innovative and revealing look at leadership and how we can apply  the human tools that will allow us to effectively build a company, or as  far reaching as it may sound, to create a self-sustaining civilization  on Mars. Many of the tools are virtually identical.

Why is it so important for humans to go to Mars? How can we work together effectively to accomplish this? What makes us think this can and will happen? These questions have literally plagued humanity since we first looked up into the night sky. As distant as Mars may seem, there are reasons why exploration and eventual colonization are important for our own survival. In addition, the spin-off technology that will immediately benefit us will be phenomenal. 

  • Vision-Centered Leadership
  • Harmony for Humanity
  • Creating a New Civilization
  • Social Architecture of Conscious Design
  • High-Impact Ideas to Shape Culture
  • Resilience and Recovery Strategies

This book includes personal interviews on leadership with:

  • Timothy Lyons, Ph.D, Professor, Biogeochemistry, US Riverside
  • Alan Bean, Astronaut, Fourth man on the moon, Apollo 12 Pilot
  • Geoff Bond, Author, Evolutionary Lifestyle Anthropologist
  • Howard Behar, President, Starbucks Coffee International, retired

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Paperback – 168 pages ISBN 978-0-9604752-3-0


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This book will reveal facts that make Mars so intriguing you will wonder why we have not seriously embraced this idea sooner.