Keynote Talks for Multiple, Half, or One-Day Sessions


Invite James Melton as a Keynote Speaker and Master Class Leader.

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Five question that could make or break your future:

     1. Why is communicating with impact and authority important to you?

     2. What is hidden in plain sight that reveals everything about you?

     3. Why is it more important to be decisive than it is to be right?

     4. What role does charisma play in leadership?

     5. What do vision and values have to do with team cohesiveness?

Challenge the Limits 

A power-packed and thought-provoking, high-energy keynote presentation. Session length: Approximately 1 hour

Enlightening, Vitalizing and Entertaining! To get what you want in life you must be  focused, dedicated and disciplined. This session provides immediate and  practical tools for guiding yourself and others to higher levels of accomplishment. Are you ready to explore your future and make the changes necessary to fulfill your dreams? This session is designed as a catalyst for people to re-evaluate their daily choices and provides insights to cross the threshold into your future. This mind-expanding  presentation will motivate, inspire and provide action ideas for immediate results.

High-Performance Leadership Managing For Maximum Performance

Club Managers Association of America, (CMAA) credit-approved.

 Session length: 1 hour – Half day – Full day

Have you ever heard of a one-person football team? Even the quarterback can’t win the game alone. This leadership session will present techniques to bring out the highest qualities in you and create a team  player mentality in your employees. Effective leadership and job  efficiency are just some of the benefits of operating within a cohesive  team. This thought-provoking session will offer methods to call out the  best in yourself and others. Participants will learn to identify their  leadership style, interpret the actions of others, respect individual  differences and make choices to change behaviors.

Sales and Service Essentials

Club Managers Association of America, (CMAA) credit-approved.

 Session length: 1 hour – Half day – Full day

This presentation will identify techniques to enhance client relationships, provide First Class Service, and increase your closing ratio. The personal side of sales and service is explored. Methods are presented to refine communication and enhance personal confidence. “Hands-on” activities can be scheduled to gain experience in relationship selling,  negotiating and closing the sale.

How to Communicate with Authority

Session length: 3 hours to 2 days

Move your presentations to the next level and turn a good talk into an outstanding performance. The most important ingredient to command leadership and the respect of your peers is the ability to convey your ideas in an intelligent, clear, concise fashion. This program is designed for the busy professional who is ready for a no-nonsense approach to enhancing the teaching and learning experience. Based on extensive research and three decades of experience, these techniques are offered in a practical, ready-to-use format to convey a message that will be heard and acted upon.
“When your presentation is good, it is energizing. But when it is weak – your reputation is at stake!”

An Action Plan For Your Future

This session offers an eight-step action plan to establish and achieve effective purpose, balance and direction in business and personal life. The premise is that there are many ways to reach an end—some are better than others. This focused, dedicated and disciplined process provides immediate and practical help to guide anyone toward higher levels of accomplishment. Methods are presented to overcome resistance to change. Also offered are creative and effective methods to  move from the problem to the solution.

The Power of Decision

In your personal and professional life, when leading people, it is often more important to be decisive than it is to be right. Although the reverse seems true, it actually is not. Many people are good decision makers who are not good leaders, but when you think about it, there are no good leaders who are not good decision makers. Although no one decision is ever taken is isolation, each one leads to the total process. Even so, decisiveness is one of the most powerful tools  available to leaders in any field. Looking behind the scenes to see how  great decision-makers function is essential. Understanding the decision-making process is the leaders most important bit of knowledge. Decision-making is the ultimate task.

How To Read A Person Like A Book

Whether aware of it or not, everyone reads body language to form first impressions. Non-verbal communication, however, is all too often only vaguely understood. Here are simple methods by which we can gain insight into the character, sincerity and intentions of others so we may better understand ourselves and those around us. When we understand the basic framework of the individual we can apply this knowledge directly to manage ourselves and others effectively.

Ethics, Values, Respect and Trust

Ethics is probably the most sensitive issue in today’s professional  world. There is no right way to do a wrong thing. This session clearly defines practical methods to check your motives, identify responsibility and resolve issues so everyone wins. Ethics is simply a system of moral  principles of conduct or values. By applying the FEEL technique, participants will be guided toward satisfying profitable decision.  Getting back to basics will be the focus of this session. The intention will be, not to impose values, but to reveal them within the individual. By allowing our values to surface we can explore their benefits and make necessary alterations. When building a solid business structure, ethics is the cornerstone of the foundation.

Win-Win Negotiations

Each of us negotiates something everyday. When treated correctly, all  negotiations large and small, from government agreements to “lights out” for your children are handled through a process that requires effective communication, understanding a willingness to listen. The skilled negotiator always maintains the edge in designing a favorable final outcome — for all concerned. This program focuses on the strategic  points that can make or break any proposal, and is based on principles  that will work for anyone.