Speaking Coach


This personal coaching approach is designed for busy executives, trainers, sales managers and professional speakers who are ready for a no-nonsense approach to moving their presentations to the next level.  Based on 25 plus years of experience, these techniques are offered in a practical, ready-to-use format.

     “On my recent speaking tour I incorporated your latest feedback and I was extremely gratified by the rapturous response from both the audiences and conference organizers. So once again, I thank you for your most helpful suggestions and your remarkable ability to transmit those skills to someone like me.”
—Geoff Bond, MSc, MICE, MIT, MIL
Evolutionary Lifestyle Anthropologist
Chlorakas, Cyprus

You can expect to achieve more confident, dynamic presentations for:

  • Public Talks
  • Sales Meetings
  • Board Meetings
  • Industry Seminars
  • Corporate Training
  • Video Presentations
  • Convention Keynotes

We will discuss how to:

  • Prepare your material and deliver it with ease.
  • Create quality visual aids that align themselves directly to fit your style and program purpose.
  • Discover your hidden potential to reach new heights of excellence.
  • Design room setup for enhanced audience response.
  • Insure maximum audience involvement and positive support.

You will receive usable take-home techniques to create, deliver and maintain high-level, quality presentations.

“When your presentation is good, it’s energizing.
But when it is weak — your reputation is at stak

The coaching sessions contain such topics as: 

  • Cut preparation time in half. Save valuable time and money in preparation.
  • 20 ideas that work. Techniques to prepare, deliver and involve.
  • Captivate your audience. Find out how to motivate and retain attention.
  • Maximize your voice. The gift of voice pitch and tone.
  • 50 instant warm-ups. Icebreakers, and involvement activities.
  • Make fear your friend. Use fear to challenge yourself to greater heights.
  • Create a professional image. Dress, voice visual movements for impact.
  • Organize with ease. Simple 1-2-3 plan for organization and delivery.
  • Enhance your memory. Use association, word magic and effective listening.
  • Impromptu comments. Use spontaneity to your advantage.
  • Humor with impact. Learn to laugh with, not at.
  • Handle resistant people. Use anger, resistance and rejection for your benefit.
  • Involve your audience. How to make everyone feel included.
  • Develop idea ownership. Who owns the problem? Who owns the idea?
  • Habits to enhance your style. Redirecting and creating style.
  • Friendly persuasion. Selling or buying?
  • Confidence enhancement. What does performance have to do with attitude?
  • Research material with ease. Where to find it, how to use it.
  • Personalize presentations. Similar material, different talk.
  • Speak directly to each person. How to give each person a front row seat.
  • Timing that works. Three critical ingredients of the clock.
  • Speak without notes. Your marvelous mind, and how to use it.
  • Power through silence. How to use it effectively.
  • Voice power, Projection and pronunciation.
  • Fielding questions. How to get all hands in the air.
  • Add enjoyment to your work. What do fun, and learning have in common?
  • Increase your speaking profit. Professional dollars that make sense.
  • Why they will remember "You". Who was that speaker?
  • Getting feedback. How to do it. Why it is important.
  • Visual aids. How to create them. How to use them.