Take Off From Within - An Adventure in Losing Weight


In this audio and 30-day reading program, James Melton unveils a simple technique that can be applied immediately. Learn how to develop a water attitude, enjoy ”forbidden” foods, handle the myth of fattening foods and experience the adventure of thinking thin.

The biggest room in the world is the room for Improvement. You are  about to embark upon a dynamic self-improvement program that is a fascinating adventure into the world of being thin.

Take Off From Within is designed for you! By utilizing the complete program (booklet and audios), and by reading the daily message, you will begin to experience a new and fresh approach to your body. You can expect to realize immediate positive changes in body weight, personal attitude and relationships.

I have personally come to realize that when you change your thinking,  you change your life. All things “Take Off “, or begin from within. Today you are preparing the conditions, circumstances and experiences that will become your future. When your thinking aligns itself with your desires, the ballast is dropped, and like the  balloon, you are free to sail upward to experience the adventure.

I invite you to enjoy the new you!


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Discover the Real You
Getting in Tune with Yourself
Successful Thinning Ideas

Yin Yang Concept
Intuitive Eating
Being a Winner

Printable Booklet: 30 Thoughts for 30 Days


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